A-Level Maths Quadratic Functions

Everything you need to know about quadratic functions for A-Level Maths. Save countless hours of time!

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Quadratic Functions Topics for A-Level Maths

This module will teach you the following:

Year 1

  • Plotting a quadratic function
  • Factorising quadratic expressions
  • The completed square form
  • Quadratic equations

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What Are Quadratic Functions?

Quadratic expressions consists of a coefficient of x2. It is in the form of ax2 + bx + c = 0 where a is a non-zero number, b and c can be any real number.

Plotting a quadratic equation:

  • Finding the points at which the curve crosses the axes.

Sketching curve:

  • Find roots to know where the curve crosses the x-axis.
  • Find the point at which curve crosses y-axis by substituting x=0.
  • Connect the 3 points to sketch the curve.

Factorising quadratic expressions (ax2+bx+c):

  • Think of two numbers that when multiplied gives a×c and when added gives b.
  • Check the answer using grid method or by multiplying term by term.

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