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We cover Pure Mathematics, Probability & Statistics, and Mechanics in detail across 52 chapters. 

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We’ve created 52 modules covering every Maths topic needed for A level, and each module contains:

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A Level Maths Resources Mapped by Exam Board

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Simultaneous Equations

Motivation The aim of this section is to understand what are simultaneous equations and how we can solve them? After reading this section we will be able to write down a word problem in the form of simultaneous equations and be able to find out the solution. Content Introduction Definition Types of Simultaneous Equations Methods … Read more

Sequences and Series

Sequence Young Mary was observing the motion of a rubber ball as she dropped it on a floor. She jotted down the height attained by the ball in each successive bounce. A pattern was detected in the values. Mary wrote the numbers, in order, on a paper and showed it to her teacher. The teacher … Read more

Quadratic Polynomial

Polynomials are widespread in maths. They help to reduce complex problems into the form of letters and numbers, that are easy to manipulate and work with. You will find them frequently in your maths textbooks. In fact, polynomials form an essential part of algebra. Without understanding the concept of polynomials, it is hard to move … Read more

One to one Function (Definition, Graph & Examples)

Revision of basics (Function, Domain and Range) Function: Function is a special relation, a relation which maps an input to only a single output. For example, the relation {(1,3),(2,3),(3,4),(8,-2)} represents a function since each input has only a single output. It can be noted that, however, two different inputs (‘1’ and ‘2’ in this case) … Read more

Inverse Function

Many times, in maths we are required to find the inverse of some function. For example, we know that distance travelled by a car can be represented as some function of time. In order to find the distance travelled by the car at some particular instant, we input that particular value of time to the … Read more

Domain and Range

You may recall what a function is and what it does. A function basically takes some values and outputs corresponding values after performing some operation on it. The operation can as simple as multiplying the input with 1 (basically doing nothing). In textbooks, a function is usually attributed as a mathematical machine that swallows a … Read more