Quadratic Equations

LEARNING OBJECTIVES:  To define quadratic equation To solve the roots of a quadratic equation using factoring/factorising completing the square quadratic formula To use discriminant to determine the nature of the roots of the quadratic equation To describe the properties of the graph of the quadratic function MATH CONCEPTS QUADRATIC EQUATION –  the general form of … Read more

Laws Of Indices

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: To define index and base of a number To discuss the different laws of indices To evaluate expressions using the laws of indices MATH CONCEPTS INDEX OF A NUMBER- The index of a number tells how many times to use the number in a multiplication. It is written as a small number to … Read more

Geometric Series

TOPIC: GEOMETRIC SERIES Sub-topics: Convergent Geometric Series Divergent Geometric Series Word Problems Involving Geometric Series LEARNING OBJECTIVES: To define geometric series and related concepts To differentiate convergent and divergent series To solve problems involving geometric series such as investment and compound interest MATH CONCEPTS GEOMETRIC SERIES – It is the sum of the terms of … Read more

Geometric Sequence

TOPIC: GEOMETRIC SEQUENCE/PROGRESSION Sub-topics: Geometric Means Mean Proportional LEARNING OBJECTIVES: To recognize geometric sequence/progression To solve for the geometric means and mean proportional To find the nth term of a given geometric sequence To apply the concepts of geometric sequence to solve real-life problems MATH CONCEPTS GEOMETRIC SEQUENCE/PROGRESSION – It is a type of sequence … Read more

Arithmetic Sequence

TOPIC: ARITHMETIC SEQUENCE/ARITHMETIC PROGRESSION Sub-topics: Arithmetic Means Word Problems Involving Arithmetic Sequence LEARNING OBJECTIVES: To recognise arithmetic sequence To illustrate arithmetic means To solve problems involving arithmetic sequence MATH CONCEPTS ARITHMETIC SEQUENCE – It is a sequence in which the difference between any two consecutive terms is equal. COMMON DIFFERENCE – It is the constant … Read more

Trigonometric Identities

The topic of discussion in this article is “Trigonometric Identities”. We can dissect the terminology into two words i.e., “Trigonometric” and “Identities”. Let us look at them individually one by one. The word “Trigonometric” comes from the word Trigonometry (Greek trigonon: triangle and metron: to measure). Therefore, the literal meaning of the word “Trigonometric” is … Read more