Algebraic Surds

LEARNING OBJECTIVES:  To define algebraic surds To perform operations involving surds To simplify and rationalize surds MATH CONCEPTS SURDS- It is a root of a positive real quantity where its value cannot be exactly determined. It is an irrational number which cannot be simplified and usually in the form of , n is the order … Read more

Arithmetic Series

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: To define and illustrate arithmetic seriesTo solve for the value of an arithmetic seriesTo apply the concepts of arithmetic series to solve real-life problems MATH CONCEPTS ARITHMETIC SERIES – it is the sum of the terms in an arithmetic sequence/progression. GENERAL FORMULA FOR ARITHMETIC SERIES – It is a formula to be used … Read more

Complete the Square

In this section, we will learn, “how to complete square of the quadratic equation” and able to find the “solution of the quadratic equation”. Introduction Completing the square of any quadratic equation helps us to find the solution of the quadratic equation and gives us a vertex form of any quadratic equation. By vertex form, … Read more

Trigonometric Graphs

Introduction What do you get when you join three distinct points, that are not located on a single line, in a plane? That is right, a triangle. Triangles appear to be simple and innocent. In fact, a triangle is the simplest polygon (a closed 2-D shape with straight sides). Ironically, in mathematics there is a … Read more

Simultaneous Equations

Motivation The aim of this section is to understand what are simultaneous equations and how we can solve them? After reading this section we will be able to write down a word problem in the form of simultaneous equations and be able to find out the solution. Content Introduction Definition Types of Simultaneous Equations Methods … Read more

Sequences and Series

Sequence Young Mary was observing the motion of a rubber ball as she dropped it on a floor. She jotted down the height attained by the ball in each successive bounce. A pattern was detected in the values. Mary wrote the numbers, in order, on a paper and showed it to her teacher. The teacher … Read more