The Binomial Expansion

Summary Pascal’s Triangle can be used to multiply out a bracket. When we have large powers, we can use combination and factorial notation to help expand binomial expressions. What is a Binomial? A binomial is an expression which consists of two terms only i.e 2x + 3y and 4p – 7q are both binomials. What … Read more


Summary Iteration is a method of finding an approximate solution of a given equation. Remember the 3 steps below to carry out iteration: Find the interval in which the root lies. Select a suitable value in that interval then substitute again and again in the given iterative formula to give a better approximation. When we … Read more


Summary MUST Remember all these Rules of Indices: 1.   2.   3.   4.   5.   6.   7.   8.    What are Indices? Just like other operations in maths (+, -,  x,), Indices are a type of math operations. However they don’t have a fix symbol for it. We can identify it from the way a certain number is … Read more