Products and Quotients – (Differentiation)

A function is a transformation that gives a single output for a given input. The transformation is according to a rule. The rule varies depending on the type of the function. For example, for the function f(x) = 2x, the rule is simple, i.e., “double the input”. The function can be plotted on x-y coordinate … Read more

Composition of Functions

We are familiar with the concept of function. It is a relation that makes a unique image as output for a given input. A function takes some input and spits out some output based on a rule. The example of a function is f(x) = 1/x. In this function, the rule is to take the … Read more

Circular Measure

Why are we interested in this topic? Circle is an amazing shape. The sun, the moon and the planets look circular (yes they are actually spherical in shape). The bicycle you probably love to ride has circular tyres. The can of icy cool carbonated soda you cherish on a hot day has a circular base. … Read more

Transformation (Algebra Function)

In this section, we will study “how to transform a function, without evaluating its value”. After reading this article you will be able to understand transformation. You can translate, rotate or shift any graph easily. Contents Introduction Types of transformation Methodology  Practical examples Introduction Transformation is a basic technique to make graphs of function without … Read more

Algebraic Surds

LEARNING OBJECTIVES:  To define algebraic surds To perform operations involving surds To simplify and rationalize surds MATH CONCEPTS SURDS- It is a root of a positive real quantity where its value cannot be exactly determined. It is an irrational number which cannot be simplified and usually in the form of , n is the order … Read more

Arithmetic Series

LEARNING OBJECTIVES: To define and illustrate arithmetic seriesTo solve for the value of an arithmetic seriesTo apply the concepts of arithmetic series to solve real-life problems MATH CONCEPTS ARITHMETIC SERIES – it is the sum of the terms in an arithmetic sequence/progression. GENERAL FORMULA FOR ARITHMETIC SERIES – It is a formula to be used … Read more