Trapezium Rule

Summary Trapezium rule can only be applied to Definite Integrals. Area under the curve is divided into equally spaced intervals forming a trapezium. Trapezium Rule only provides an estimate area of under the curve. The formula given is: where   Let’s start by briefly recalling the definite integrals from the article ”Integration”. Definite Integration is … Read more


Summary Differentiation is a method to find the gradient of a curve. When differentiating a function, always remember to rewrite the equation as a power of x. This makes it easier to differentiate. Differentiation formula: if , where n is a real constant. Then . Derivative of a constant is always 0. Basic Rules of … Read more


Summary Indefinite Integral:      The ”C” means any number. This is the constant of integration. Definite Integral:      Area under the curve:      Area between a curve and a line      Approximate area using trapezium rule: Where and . Integration is the inverse of differentiation. It is the general formula for the Area under the graph … Read more